Currency conversion calculator

The currency conversion calculator will easily find you the best online exchange rate for your desired currency according to the current exchange rates of various services. Then you can go to it and use their services. Currently, online exchange offices are available – TransferWise (minimum transfer amount EUR 5) and CurrencyFair (minimum transfer amount EUR 100), but you can look forward to more exchange services in the future.

When you invest, it is useless to spend money on such banality as money exchange, so why not choose a service with the absolute best conditions…

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For 1 000,00 EUR you get
23 446,69 CZK
Fee is 5,78 EUR (fee included)
1 EUR = 23,58 CZK


For 1 000,00 EUR you get
23 419,63 CZK
Fee is 75,00 CZK (fee included)
1 EUR = 23,49 CZK

Česká Spořitelna

For 1 000,00 EUR you get
0,00 CZK
Fee is usually 220 CZK (fee not included)
1 EUR = nan CZK